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Fire Tiger Single-Treble Crawler Harness


Viper Custom Tackle Single-Treble Crawler Harnesses feature two Matzuo red chrome hooks, 17 lb. Gamma Polyflex Copolymer Fishing Line, quick blade change clevices, and premium beads to match your crawler harness blade setup.

Matzuo Hooks

Matzuo Red Chrome hooks have a 4" gap and are constructed of extra light wire eliminating excessive damage when puncturing baits. The specially tempered wire will flex without breaking.

Gamma Molecularly Altered Lines

Gamma Polyflex Copolymer Fishing Line delivers it all!  Your time on the water is too valuable to be compromised by your line's performance.

  • Higher breaking strength (up to 2x the stated size)
  • More natural presentations
  • Supple and abrasion resistant
  • Low coil memory