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How to Order Custom Lures

Have a great design idea or have seen a photo that you would like to have custom painted on a lure or blade? Perhaps you have a discontinued color or would like a design from one manufacturer duplicated on a different lure body? Viper Custom Tackle is truly a custom shop and can paint on any available lure or blade. Please review the options below for placing custom orders. Note: Viper Custom Tackle has a minimum of 2 cranks per design or 6 blades per design.

Viper Paint Shop Custom Lure Designer1. Viper Paint Shop

The Viper Paint Shop is an excellent way for anglers to create their own lure designs and it's easy as 1, 2, 3! Select a lure from the many options available in our design library. If we don't have it listed just select the closest looking lure to what you want to accomplish - we can paint on any lure available. Once you have your lure selected you'll be able to use our custom paint shop tool to paint your design directly on the lure. You can even select scale patterns and add eyes. Submit your design to us and we'll provide you with an estimate to create your custom lures. Once payment is received your order is painted and shipped to you in approximately 1-2 weeks.

2. Custom Crank Bait Selector

Use the Viper Custom Tackle Custom Crank Bait selection process in our online store to select designs and the lures to apply them too. All in a few easy steps. Add them to your cart and checkout with our normal online store payment process! Watch the video on how it works!


3. Contact Us Directly

If you have seen or have a a photo of a lure you would like to create, or just don't feel you have the artistic know-how to create what you would like, you can contact us directly to place an order. Use our Contact Form on the website or e-mail us directly at with your design info or photo attachments, lure bodies, and quantities to let us know what you would like to create. We can send you an online invoice. Once payment is received your order is painted and shipped to you in approximately 1-2 weeks. Many of our available designs can also be seen in our Custom Crankbait Gallery. These designs can be painted on any lure of your choice!


4. Order from our Online Store

All of our Viper Custom Tackle blades and harnesses are available to purchase through our online store. We do carry a select amount of custom cranks and some overstock items. Browse our online store to see what is available and if we are out of stock on certain items you find, please use one of the first two options to place an order.