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Gamma ESP Copolymer Ice Blue Fishing Line



Gamma Molecularly Altered Lines

Molecularly Altered to Stay Supple in Extreme Cold While Providing Unequaled Fish Fighting Capability!

The best fish catching, fish fighting ice lines available. GAMMA Ice Lines are processed to provide dramatic increases in suppleness and shock resistance, especially in cold weather.

  • Stays supple & flexible in COLD weather
  • Incredible strength (both tensile & knot)
  • More natural presentations
  • Low coil memory
  • More abrasion resistant
  • 2#, 4#, 6# - 110 yd

Why Gamma lines are different
"Molecular Alteration" is the fundamental basis of "Nanotechnology", which is a technology used to develop higher strength structural materials. After GAMMA processing, the "Molecularly Altered" filaments have an unprecedented combination of flexibility, shock resistance, strength, abrasion resistance, and low memory compared to filaments of the same or similar material composition. The resulting line is so unique, it's patented. GAMMA provides the angler with more accurate casts, natural presentations, and greater fishfighting capability.